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Education takes off at the Elementary level

Our accelerated, sequential, and cross-disciplinary elementary curriculum builds upon the fundamentals that students learn during their Preschool years. In our Elementary program, we integrate critical thinking and collaborative projects so that students discover the value of both independent thinking and working together.

We complement our academic instruction with a focus on developing every child’s potential through social, emotional, and personal character education to help each student become articulate and respectful.

We inspire our students to ask big questions about the real world, we challenge them to think beyond our classroom walls, and we show them how to learn from these experiences.


Academic rigor is complemented by the arts in the Stratford elementary curriculum, with elements of STEAM programming woven through each area of instruction.

Elementary students are immersed in Core Knowledge classes in math, vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing every day – building sequentially on skills throughout the program.

Elementary students learn to 研究一个问题的所有方面, ask questions to gain additional information, and work collaboratively to create a solution.

Learning study skills and completing homework are essential to success at Stratford, but students find joy in the challenge.

Explore our Elementary Program and STEAM Curriculum


In Stratford’s kindergarten program, students tackle math, grammar, phonics, and reading in the morning, while afternoon sessions feature music, writing, Spanish, and science several times each week. Kindergarten students learn to explore subjects more deeply – allowing for greater understanding, more critical thinking, and analysis.

Kindergarteners begin formal recitation to develop public speaking skills, and teachers use poetry, music, and reading aloud to promote students’ self-assurance in front of a group. While academically challenging, Stratford kindergarten classes embody the pillars of 皇冠hg8868注册 spirit – joyful warmth, sparkling intelligence, and passionate commitment.

1st Grade
1st Grade

Visit a Stratford first grade class and you’ll likely be greeted by students brimming with excitement about a complex engineering challenge they just solved, or invited to watch a theatrical performance with memorized roles, songs, and choreography.

Students learn about composers and their music, and then apply what they’ve learned in math class to their music theory assignments. They explore literary classics and characters, and learn to relate the characters’ experiences to their own lives.

2nd Grade
2nd Grade

Second graders at 皇冠hg8868注册 are confident, curious, focused, and having fun. There’s a sense of purpose and structure to the school day that lets students know what to expect, and helps them create high expectations for themselves.

Students explore math, vocabulary, grammar, reading, and writing daily – building sequentially on skills acquired in first grade. They learn important time management and study skills essential for success.

3rd Grade
3rd Grade

Third grade at Stratford is challenging, fun, and focused on the development of each child’s unique gifts, talents, and personality.

Teachers infuse art and music throughout the curriculum with twice-weekly sessions that highlight composers and artists in a variety of media, helping students see the natural connection between technology and creativity.

Students don’t simply memorize principles of engineering. They work collaboratively on hands-on projects to solve complex problems, without assistance from their teachers.

4th Grade
4th Grade

Fourth grade at 皇冠hg8868注册 looks very different than most programs. Our accelerated curriculum ensures that students are well-prepared for the academic rigor of middle school. Students participate in STEAM-based projects and apply engineering principles of creation, testing, and analysis to all of their coursework.

Our teachers are renowned for their innovative approach to collaborative work in the classroom. Students learn to think critically, to question each other, and to apply the creative principals learned in art and music classes to technical challenges.

5th Grade
5th Grade

By the time Stratford students reach fifth grade, they have developed strong friendships, effective study skills, and a self-confidence that’s rare even in much older students.

They understand that to develop a thorough understanding of any subject, they must start with foundational elements, 研究一个问题的所有方面, ask questions to gain additional information, and work collaboratively to find a solution. When students graduate fifth grade, they’re ready for the exciting academic and social challenges of middle school.

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